Month: January 2015

100+ Family Interview Questions

Interview tips Ask permission to record the interview on audio (at a minimum) and on video if you have that capability. See my post 8 Top Websites for Videography Training. Most smartphones have voice recorder apps that work quite well. I have used the “Voice Recorder” app with success on Android. If you have a video camera and your family member… Read more →

Book Review: “Sky Pilot of the Great Lakes” by John Kotzian

Anyone interested in the personal history, genealogy, the history of the Great Lakes, maritime history, lighthouses, Michigan history, or the story of someone who dedicates his life to serving others, sometimes at his own peril, will want to read “Sky Pilot of the Great Lakes” by John Kotzian. “Sky Pilot” is a labor of love about Kotzian’s great-great-grandfather and Kotzian’s… Read more →

How to Infuse Your Personal Histories with Genealogy

This article was written for the October 2014 issue of the Association of Personal Historians newsletter the Perstorian. By Kimberly Tucker, M.Ed. Genealogy and personal history are a natural fit. Genealogists and personal historians are both driven by the desire to preserve the histories of and tell stories about people. You may realize the power of seeing a census record or… Read more →